Lackerschmid/Baker - Ballads For Two VINYL (SS)

Lackerschmid/Baker - Ballads For Two VINYL (SS)

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Ausverkauft! Original LP von 1979 weiterhin in kleiner Stückzahl vorrätig. (siehe Alternativangebote)

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Blue Bossa  3:49
  2. Five Years Ago  3:36
  3. Why Shouldn’t You Cry 4:40
  4. You Don’t Know What Love Is 7:53

Total  19:58

Side B

  1. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise 6:07
  2. Waltz For Susan  3:51
  3. Double O  6:00
  4. Why Shouldn’t You Cry (Muted Trumpet Version) 4:34

Total  20:32

Almost 40 years after its original limited release, Ballads For Two can now reach a broader audience, seeing as its initial limited-print vinyl would often have fans set sails on a treasure hunt for a copy of this marvelous collaboration between the two jazz virtuosos.

Meticulously remastered at Gearbox Records, Ballads For Two features a total of 8 tracks, including Lackerschmid originals as well as select covers. This Dot Time Legends release comes with two bonus tracks from the vinyl’s original recording session which took place in a Stuttgart, Germany studio back in 1979. marriage between the two artists’ sounds could be described as an “emotive and telepathic” partnership of Baker’s trumpet and Lackerschmid’s vibes, with the former unveiling the true breadth of his talent, and claiming his much-deserved place among jazz greats. Album highlights include Blue Bossa and Waltz for Susan, while fans will appreciate an alternate take of Why Shouldn’t You Cry, as well as a mesmerizing performance of Lackerschmid’s Double O.